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Contracts manager &  fabricator discuss an ongoing projectAs the demands of Employers - Main Contractors - Private Clients  has evolved over the years, Anhop has become increasingly involved in the planning and design of a project, particularly with the practicalities of the actual fabrication of the steel.  On many occasions, prolonged delays have been avoided, through an initial brief meeting, to discuss the project ideas and  determine whether the actual idea, can be formed in steel and be used practically on the project or provide the visual image required.
Main Service Yard Gates - Buchanan Galleries, GlasgowMany projects  are now based on a Partnering type arrangement and rather than proceed through the basic competitive tendering  system, which excludes such  problem resolution,  it can be considerably time saving, if the Steel and/or Metalwork is resolved , prior to the contract commencing. Anhop now regularly provides samples and/or prototypes, which can then be fine tuned both practically and financially, to meet the demands of the design team. The experience of the fabrication staff, can be utilised to slightly alter project ideas, making them  fully functional , so, that there are not contract delays, when a project is up and running.
The administrative side of Contracting has now become as important, if not more important than products and services and in this vein Anhop administrative staff are fully versed, in Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSSH, providing the service that Site Agents and Contracts managers require.