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Anhop Metalwork Ltd.
Block 4 Unit 7
Blantyre Ind. Estate
G72 0UP
Tel: 01698 828490
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About Us

Niall & Alan Hopper  -  The Owners of AnhopAnhop Metalwork Ltd. is a family business, owned by  Alan  and Niall Hopper. The company has vast experience of the  steel industry, commencing with Niall Hopper, whose initial experience was as a Metallurgist in the Steel Manufacturing sector.  Many years then followed in the Steel Stockholding industry and this then materialised into Niall's own company, in the early 1980's.  In 1982, Niall's son Alan Hopper joined the family  business and the company evolved into a manufacturing company, with the opening of the first production unit, in 1985. After several years and various locations, the company relocated to Blantyre Industrial Estate in 2006 and is currently based  at Block 4  Unit 7,  Blantyre Ind.  Estate,  Blantyre,  G72 0UP.
Current Premises - 109 Glenpark St., Glasgow G31 1NYOriginally, trading as a  Steel supply company, the owners identified the  Engineering and Construction sectors, as areas, where the sub contract supply of Steel and Metalwork, could  be pursued successfully.  During the early 1990's,the ongoing modernisation of large areas of Glasow  housing stock and the similarly large demand for both new build and modernised commercial property, provided a customer base to grow the company from simple fabrications, to a more varied and sophisticated range of end products.
The traditional Glasgow skills of  Blacksmith/ Fabricator were widely available, however, over the years the skills have had to be developed and enhanced, so, that the need for flexibility, from clients, could be satisfied. Whether the demand was for Heavy Structural Steel or  Light  Architectural Metalwork, the company has developed  the ability to satisfy the needs of clients, large or small, with quality work at competitive prices.