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Anhop Metalwork Ltd.
Block 4 Unit 7
Blantyre Ind. Estate
G72 0UP
Tel: 01698 828490
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Gorbals Regeneration MetalworkAnhop Metalwork Ltd., is a company founded to meet the rigorous and varied demands of the different sectors of the Construction Industry, in the  21st century. Combining both the fabrication of   Structural Steel and Metalwork, the company strives to meet clients requirements, both for the supply of fabricated steel and metalwork  and the sub contract supply and installation of fabricated steel and metalwork.
Camlachie Phase 5, Glasgow  - Steel Fencing Work in ProgressAnhop Metalwork Ltd., originally  based in the East End of Glasgow, has now relocated to Blantyre Ind. Estate and combines the traditional skills  and honesty of the  " old fashioned metal bashing "  industry, that Glasgow is famous for, with  a modern approach  to the needs of clients, Domestic, Commercial,  large and small.  From project concept to final design, the company can help with  prototypes, to meet Architects and/or Engineers ideas, thereby preparing the ground for a partnering relationship, between Employer -  Main Contractor  -  Sub Contractor, ensuring completion of the project, on programme, on budget.